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Customers are always right so we keep customers happy by providing total with best quality and reliable price.

Transform human resources into corporate capital by developing Knowledge & skill imparting education and training.

Continual development through new ideas and induction of advanced technologies.

Maintain clean, safe, healthy, congenial environment for achieving highest level of excellence.

This has created environment-friendly atmosphere which ultimately led us to continuous improvement in the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) of the plant and continuous reduction in manufacturing costs. Besides this, many small developments were possible due to the generation of KAIZEN (Focus improvement ) which is a versatile tool of TPM.

Our Human Resource is our corporate capital.

We kept a strong focus on the development of our people by providing need-based training on regular basis to achieve our goals. The program for development of skills, in particular, helped us to transform human resources into highly skilled workforce and increased the scope for individual improvements. Our work-men have been applying all their skills with full enthusiasm and sincerity to run the plants with systematic process capabilities including the high level of morale & safety consciousness.